Cath Liversidge is a 7 times Triathlon World Championship qualifier across Sprint, Olympic and Half Ironman triathlons.  She wants to share with you her passion and experience in the sport she loves.

Cath has been at the top of the age group triathlon field for the past few years.  She knows what it takes to combine a busy career as a senior management consultant with a home and social life, whilst also chasing her sporting dream.  Cath placed 10th in the World Championships for her age group in 2009, whilst juggling real life commitments.

A certified Triathlon Coach, Cath now coaches independently in Canada as well as being part of the World Class coaching team, Team Dillon.  As well as her own experience and knowledge to pull from, Cath will also have a mass of top class experience to tap into from her fellow Team Dillon coaches, comprising Olympians and World Champions.

Cath is a firm believer that triathlon is for everyone, no matter what your starting point is!  With the right support, dedication and belief in yourself, Cath will personally guide you to your finish line and goals – whether this be to finish your first triathlon, win your age group or race for your Country at World Championship level.

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Quality triathlon coaching is so much more than just a training plan, quality triathlon coaching is about….

  • working with you personally,
  • understanding and exploiting your strengths, whilst also improving your development areas,
  • doing the right training at the right time, taking into account your additional commitments in life.
  • coach and athlete working together as a team to unlock your potential


What my Athletes Say!

Hiring a coach was a huge decision towards my preparation for London’s Worlds championships. Since I started to work with Catherine, I realized this was the best decision I have ever taken!
Catherine is the perfect balance between knowledge and attention to details. She is always available to answer a question or to share her valuable wisdom. Her experience as an athlete clearly shows through her planning and her positive attitude made her a clear choice for me.
Thank you Catherine for making me believe!
Alix, Quebec, Canada

Having Cath “at the helm” has been amazing! I have very limited time but wanted to train better without training more. She has allowed me to do this and at the same time improve my technique and fitness. It’s been fun to get my next week’s workout each Thursday and SO much easier to stay on track when I don’t have to decide what I am going to do each day. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to train smarter….especially if they’re busy with jobs, kids etc. I love not having to figure out what I am going to do each day….one less thing on my ‘to do’ list!
Holly, Fernie, Canada

I have found the workouts interesting and varied. They have been proportioned to meet my current fitness and push it out. The progression has been steady and I have been able to manage previous injuries while meeting the training targets.
Cath is also expert at using her personality and experience to keep you focussed and motivated. I am having fun and looking forward to my races!
Local Racer, Fernie, Canada

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